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Products & Portraits

Tony at TM Design is a Whitstable Photographer and he wants the images he produces to stand out for his clients. Whether shooting portraits or products he aims to get the shot that leaps out

Great product imagery is a necessary first step in showing your products in the best possible light. This is increasingly the case with website clients.

It is shown that potential purchasers need to engage with the product before purchasing, and online shops remove the ability for the client to touch and feel the product. Great imagery helps solve this problem by giving the client a tactile visual experience.

We can arrange a shoot either in a professional studio or on your own premises, depending on the amount and type of product. An initial in-person discussion will determine the best course of action and the best type of shot needed to show off your product.

From foodstuffs to wine, from clothing to flowers we have the ability to shoot your product in the best possible light.